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Linking Cultures

An online Exchange Program between Students and Lecturers from the Arabic World (North Africa and Middle East) and Western Europe

Linking Cultures intends to promote the exchange and cooperation between five design schools from five countries with different languages and cultures. The project is accompanied by a series of public lectures by faculty members from the five participating institutions.

For centuries, a very important and constructive exchange took place between the Arab World and Europe. The cultures, on both sides of the Mediterranean, are built on similar, partly common grounds. In the current political situation, the relations between the Arab World and Europe are critical. A constructive dialog between these countries is important to foster mutual understanding and to reduce prejudice. In particular, the exchange between students and the joint collaboration of economic, social, and cultural topics across linguistic, social and religious boundaries is intended to generate experiences that enable a constructive, productive coexistence. To achieve this, an active dialogue is necessary, especially between young people which are studying in similar areas.

​About the Project
In spring 2020, the idea arose to promote a cooperation between different design and art schools from North Africa, the Middle East, the Golf Region and Europe. Two projects are planned per year: One in the spring, each following a specific theme, such as "What design can do?" or "Design as dissent." In the fall semester, there is an exchange between students called "Students for Students" where students from the six schools inform about their ongoing projects.

The Partners
American University of Beirut, AUB
American University in Cairo, AUC
American University of Sharjah, AUS
Berlin University of the Arts, UdK
École Supérieure des Arts Visuels de Marrakech, ESAV
Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK

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2. Semester
Bachelor 2022

Leitung: Peter Vetter, Larissa Holaschke

Linking Cultures
Linking Cultures
Linking Cultures