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What kind of flower would you choose to gift to yourself?

Where do we put all the weight that we carry for being socially pressured to develop meaningful romantic relationships? We are used to being either visually and emotionally bombarded by how sweet romantic feelings are, but are we ready to question these symbols and ideals? Being aromantic is not experiencing romantic attraction and generally not being interested in romantic relationships. It’s important to point out, that not all aromantic beings are asexual as well. A person who is aromantic does not feel the need to stuff the «void» that unfulfilled love leaves behind. Realizing that this «void» is non-existent, could be the door to a healthier relationship with love and lust. For aromantic beings «looking for someone» does not apply, because what you want is already within yourself.

Looking for someone that «completes» your life has become the norm. Where does the idea of assuming that romantic love is the right and only path to follow come from? The norm is not, and never has been, the norm. It is simply something that is spoken by many mouths, the beauty of it all is to decide what comes out of yours. This is no longer the love story we are so used to hear. Love is a spectrum and there are different ways to approach it. Aromantic beings go about it in many ways knowing that romantic love is not the ultimate goal in life. However, they can still feel profound love within their family, friendships and even in platonic relationships. When the social concept of loving someone romantically for the rest of your life does not apply to you, the aromantic path to fullness begins.

When we think about the clichés of love, we often think about a «normal» person gifting red roses to another «normal» person with a profound feeling of love.
What kind of flower would represent the way you decide to coexist with love in the best way? What kind of flower or plant would represent aromantic beings? There is a lack of symbolism when it comes to non-romantic love, because our society is mostly familiar with predetermined symbols when it comes to romanticism. Aromantic symbols could be presented as the exact opposite of romantic ones. Green replaces red, honesty replaces dreaminess. What if grass is the plant that best represents your way of loving? Embrace aromantic beings, embrace living in your own skin and gift yourself the flowers that represent the way you choose to love or not to love.

Sahili Albert