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It’s a female plant after all

Exclusive FLINTA* weed social club

Uniting weed consumption with a claim to FLINTA*-only space nurtures a sense of community and supports the goal of defining cannabis as a plant with feminine connotations. Making new friends in the ladies' room at the club, closing your eyes and relaxing deeply on the ladies only spa day, hanging out with your best friend in the bathroom, chatting and doing each other's makeup, or listening to music and sharing secrets at a sleepover.

All these situations evoke feelings of safety, community, well-being, harmony, power, intimacy, joy, love and friendship and can be viewed as a manifestation of female empowerment. As the concept of "safe spaces" gains more widespread recognition, the importance of these places has become more apparent. Despite this, there is a shortage of public and semi-public spaces which are exclusively for FLINTA*, particularly for leisure and recreation. The FLINTA* only Cannabis Club meets exactly these needs. It is a members-only club that gathers in various already existing informal FLINTA* only spaces and reclaims the ways they are used. The feeling of being among FLINTA* only is so rare that we forget how much it benefits us.

One night, the club meets in a big, fancy public restroom and a bunch of joints get passed around. Other nights, the happening takes place in a women's spa, where you can relax in steam and hot water while sipping on a variety of THC teas. On a quiet Sunday afternoon, the club meets in a cozy café with lovely edibles, where pastries and gossip are shared with friends. In the height of summer, the club meets at the Frauenbadi and offers ice-cold THC-infused refreshments. The weed consumed at the club is exclusively sourced from FLINTA* growers. After all, the weed business is a great opportunity to define an industry for themselves. Cannabis has long been considered a haven for women, and in its early days hosted an impressive number of female executives in all sectors of the market.

FLINTA* = Frauen, Lesben, Inter, Non-Binary, Trans, Agender

Umika Srivastava

It’s a female plant after all