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MAD Chit-Chat

Third semester Master Design students will present their final projects. On this evening, less is more! Since the PechaKucha rules will set the pace: 20 pictures will be presented for exactly 20 seconds each.

25.2.2019 – 18:00, Apéro
Mehrspur Musikklub
ZHdK, Toni-Areal
8005 Zürich


19:00 – Tabea Iseli, Master Game Design
19:10 – Eloisa Aldomar, Master Knowledge Visualization
19:20 – Gilberto Lugo, Master Product Design
19:30 – Carla Crameri, Master Visual Communication
19:40 – Florian Bruggisser, Master Interaction Design
19:50 – Laura Haensler, Master Trends & Identity
20:00 – International Design Workshop, Hong Kong 2018

For detailed information about the projects see the programme

MAD Chit-Chat