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Due to COVID-19 we’ve had time to reflect on what matters to us and how we want to live. Based on the lifestyle of mindfulness and its aestheticization in minimalism, we have become more aware of the value of things, more able to perceive them as meaningful or not. This awareness of "less is more” manifests itself during lockdown in the mission of cleaning our lives in order to free body, mind and our homes from emotional baggage. In a society where healthy living and one’s wellbeing, physically and mentally, is a megatrend, cleaning is a fundamental socio-cultural phenomenon. This trend contribution looks into a variety of phenomenons which resulted from the pandemic such as handwashing, fitness challenges and cleanfluencers -. Lifecleaning which became even more popular globally, in a world of internet and social media. The trend work try to and investigates the motivation behind this social desire.

Jacqueline Haller